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Patricia Rodriguez
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Patricia Rodriguez Robert has created an eclectic mix of songs that mesh well together. His material is strong on visuals & wordplay while remaining down to earth & relatable. Robert brings listeners into his world where deep emotions & a sense of longing coexist peacefully with joyful fearlessness. After listening to Prism several times, I find certain songs stay in my mind & my favorite song changes daily. Favorite track: I Need A Miracle.
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Heaven (free) 05:38
HEAVEN All the Great Kings of Sadness Follow you to the ends of the world Where all of your amphetamines and Bibles Won't do you any good All you were is stranded and forgotten Your wings are torn to feathers in the mud Opiates the needle and the doctor sink into the silence of your blood Tell me tired angel you are through You thought you were the Queen of Looks With hearts you steal from children's books Tell me tired angel you are through So angel be my pillow By the moonlight I will take you where I sleep When the moon climbs high for Heaven we'll be drifting To the place where the dreams are long and deep Tell me tired angel you are through
I NEED A MIRACLE I'm reading from the Book of Emotion But the hands of the clock say never You're throwing the winning kisses But you tremble with a fever O sing me a song of plenty O tell me that your heart is open I've heard your tongue speak wonders It's a knife that you always sharpen The wind we chase will lose us The road we walk will narrow I saw you in a passing window You were playing with Cupid's arrow I need a miracle to turn these pages I need a miracle to make these changes I need a miracle it's all this sameness I'm reading from the Book of Devotion But the holes in my knees say never You're holding the winning ticket But you stumble with a shiver O sing me a song of plenty O tell me that your heart is full I've heard your tongue speak wonders It's a knife that you always dull I need a miracle
Love 04:03
LOVE O everyone's screaming and bells they are ringing It's hard to believe that our hair is on fire So run to the mountain To suffering's fountain But hold your heart tightly it might disappear Love love love love love So quiet when day came all moments are the same Falling like snowflakes crying like tears A kiss and they're gone Let the world move on You're standing so tightly and counting the years Love love love love love I came to a river that I couldn't cross over When I asked for a ride all the man said was "Never" I waited in line all I caught was a fever Darkness was falling I heard the Gods calling Singing love love love love love So give me a halo and show me where to go It's hard to believe that I've made it this far Now who needs tomorrow And living with sorrow There's nothing to borrow come swing on my star Love love love love love
Swept Away (free) 04:53
SWEPT AWAY I always remember Your house has no number Your windows aren't broken Your door is always open We feel the waves still crashing I know I've fallen over you You're breathing in silience Your face holds no violence You're leaving me dreaming My words lose all meaning And then I'm swept away My head is swimming faster And then I'm swept away My heart is pounding louder And then I'm swept away And then I'm swept away The winter is over The leaves are returning A heart never broken Now your future is always open And then I'm swept away
China 04:09
CHINA I called your name the other day But you were somewhere far away I wander as the days go by I try to sing but I only cry I'll never see your face again I let it vanish in the rain China The music of my heart is gone The shadows fall but no one's home The city lights begin to say You came to sleep but could not stay Today I rolled away the stone But everything was dust and bone China Now there's nowhere left to go I just plant seeds that never grow The world goes by but I stand still You've dug a hole I just can't fill China
DIFFERENT TIME I was a different time staring from her window Looking backward as the cars passed below I stood waiting thinking that her voice was mine What once was in memory so fleeting Words were flying hearts were beating Now she is silent where no one can break her skin Enigmas of doubt the soft pulse of blood in our veins The shape of our thoughts that never can be the same Swords of flame broken at the handle Frozen winds blow through empty tunnels Confusion stutters wasted like a falling star Winter dreams sentences and values Fallen angels choking on their haloes Snow and blindness bury us without a tear We were a different crime shoved in a revolver Shot with feathers blown all over We were still breathing victims of a different time


Produced, engineered and mixed by J. Robbins at the Magpie Cage, Baltimore, 2011

Steve Barton's tracks recorded in Los Angeles by Robbie Rist, 2011

Cello arranged and recorded by Gordon Withers

Mastered by Dan Coutant of Sun Room Audio, Cornwall, New York

Photo and design by Robert Darlington


released March 7, 2012

Robert Darlington: All songs, electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals and piano

J. Robbins: Bass, backing vocals, organ, hand percussion, electric guitar

Darren Zentek: Drums

Steve Barton: Electric guitar

John O'Hara: Backing vocals, and acoustic guitar on "China"

Janet Morgan: Backing vocals

Gordon Withers: Cello


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Robert Darlington Baltimore, Maryland

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